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Qingdao Metro

Before the construction of Qingdao metro, there was such a group of people from Hoteam service team who quietly contributed to

the construction of the line, holding up the service brand of Qingdao Metro "smooth and happy" with their unique "professional skill

and service".


In order to ensure the train entering and leaving accurately and orderly after Hoteam’s equipments are put into operation, Hoteam

colleagues have carried out measurement on the electrical equipment of the entrance and exit section line. Timely measure and

adjust the parameters of the equipment during the trial operation, so as to avoid hidden risk and dangers in future.

Such actions happen every day, strictly observe the safety

clearance, in order to ensure the safe and smooth operati

-on of the train. “Do not neglect any details”, are what Hot

-eam pursues. They come from various technical departm

-ents with their own experience. "If you act with sincerity,

you will be able to strengthen your ambition; if you speak

sincerely, you will be able to uphold your virtue." this is th

-e rigorous model of Hoteam company.


According to the gap between different equipment respon

sible personnel of each project and the weak link of each

employee, we should suit the remedy to the case, make

the short board be fine, and carefully formulate different

training plans according to different levels, so that the eq

-uipment of Hoteam can well match with Qingdao Metro.

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After entering into the network operation, Qingdao Metro is faced with the pressure of complex and variable emergencies, increasin

-g operation management and passenger service demand. It is also the general trend of metro operation to plan in advance, establi

-sh line network command center. so as to coordinate the operation of regional control centers, and realize the operation mode of "l

-ine network supervision, operation coordination and em

-ergency disposal". With the continuous increase of com

-pleted lines, it is more and more important to ensure the

reliable electrical supply of the network command center.


Since the construction of Qingdao metro, it has been wid

-ely concerned by the citizens. In the future, we will face

more and harder commissioning tasks, but we will not sh

-rink back. We will keep remember the working attitude o

-f "safe, rigorous, responsible and accurate", and contrib

-ute to the successful trial operation and timely opening

of Qingdao. This is our professional style as always and

Hoteam will continue to service and cooperate with our c

-ustomers with sincerity and professional technological s


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